It was our official debut. We were inspired by Schoenberg‘s „Society for Private Musical Performances“, whose purpose was to take orchestral works and transform into chamber music arrangements in order to study them and get to know them better. Our main goal was to find the best musicians we could, so that from the begining on, our  colour palette would be as broad and versatile as possible. 15 musicians came together from France, Belgium, Slovenia, Spain, Latvia and Südtirol. The project was posible thanks to the support of Elisabeth and Helmut Uhl Foundation, Rubner Doors and the Bozner Schlösser foundation.

08.09.2017 Castle Maretsch Bolzano

09.09.2017 Pavillon des Fleurs Merano


Joseph Haydn – String Quartet op. 33 no. 5 in G-Major (only played on 08.09.2017)

Ludwig Thuille – Sextet op. 6 for Wind Quintet and Piano (only played n 09.09.2017)

Gustav Mahler – Symphony 4 (chambermusic version by Klaus Simon)