This year, the Ensemble Desiderio has chosen a programme with South Tyrol in mind. The numerous Health Resorts of the province, first and foremost Merano, were centres of attraction for numerous people, including famous composers, artists, scientists and writers. The German pianist and composer Clara Schumann recovered in Altschluderbach near Toblach, the Norwegian writer Henrik Ibsen stayed in Gossensass and the American inventor Thomas Edison had himself cured in Merano. Numerous composers also took a cure in Merano, including Max Reger.

The Ensemble Desiderio played music by Max Reger and Johannes Brahms in its concert series 2021. Max Reger spent a year at the spa in Merano in 1914. Johannes Brahms, a close friend of Clara Schumann and the violinist Joseph Joachim, learned of their travels to the southern Alps through letters.

1.9.2021: Concert in the Ragenhaus (Bruneck)

2.9.2021: Concert in the Lanserhaus (Eppan)

3.9.2021: Concert at Maretsch Castle (Bolzano)