The idea behind the Ensemble came about at the end of our studies. We had the strong wish to continue creating music the way we had done it up to that point, and bring it to our home Südtirol. Our only premise was to find musicians who shared the same passion as commitment for music as we did, regardless of their nationalities.

The group can take different shapes and forms, depending on the repertoire chosen, which so far has gone from the early baroque to the contemporary period. As opposed to having a leader or a conductor, all the performers have the same importance, and nobody’s voice has more value than the others.

Our main goal is to deeply immerse ourselves into the repertoire chosen, to explore the world of possibilities hidden within it, and most importantly, to learn and grow from each other’s knowledge, ideas and experiences. We use our rehearsal time to experiment the different paths that one piece could take, and to research where things come from and go to. A musical workshop. – Aus Liebe zur Musik – Seelenbalsam in St. Zeno